December 9 & 10

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Christmas Eve Service Times

Candlelight Services

Saturday, Dec 23 // 5:00pm
Sunday, Dec 24 // 2:00pm + 3:30pm + 5:00pm + 6:30pm + 8:00pm

Christmas Eve is an awesome family tradition. Come one service; serve another. Sign up at the church website or the Medway App.

Christmas Offering

Every year, we challenge families to do Christmas differently from the way the world does Christmas in the hope that it will make a difference in your family and your relationship with God. Plan for the Best Christmas Ever:

  1. Cut way back on stuff and spend as much on God’s house as you do your house.
  2. Write letters to your family and open and read the letters before you open presents.
  3. Look for opportunities to invite as many people as possible to Christmas Eve and come to Christmas Eve Service as a whole family and put God first.

Any funds this year given to the Christmas offering will be divided between our recovery / community ministries and our children's ministry / expansion project. You may designate this gift by writing “Christmas” on your check or envelope.

Brian Otte