From Our Pastor

When we remember that every number is a real person with their own story of life change and that each life touches a greater number of people around them, we continue to be humbled by what God is doing in this place called Medway Church.  This annual report is a celebration of what God has done in the past year and an expectation of what God can and will do this in the future. 2016 has been another year in which we have seen God move in miraculous ways.  The church is the hope of the world, and we believe there is no better investment of your time, talents and finances.

If you’re not already all in, I hope you’ll join us on this journey of trying to do all that Jesus calls us to do.

Mike Berry

Senior Pastor

Continued Growth

Every number is a person.
Every person has a story.
And every story matters to God. 

Attendance Growth Year Over Year



Average worship attendance across our four weekend worship services.


Children and Students engaging in weekend ministries each and every week.


Saturday Nights at Medway

At Easter we launched our fourth weekend worship opportunity on Saturday nights at 5pm. This new service has helped us provide more opportunities for people to hear about the Love of God by increasing our overall capacity for weekend visitors as well as empowering us to minister to those whose work or family circumstances do no allow them to engage with a church community on Sunday mornings.

Treat Your Street

In October we challenged our church with a new way to share God's love and radical hospitality with friends and neighbors in their very own community. For Halloween we asked all of our Small Groups to get together and Treat Your Street. Our church responded in a big way and we had reports of groups grilling hot dogs, serving hot coffee and hot chocolate, and so much more all across the North-East side of Dayton. This map shows all of our 2016 Treat Your Street locations.

This is just a small example of the many ways our church family served as the hands a feet of Jesus throughout the year.  

By the Numbers

Every number is a person.
Every person has a story.
And every story matters to God. 

62 Baptisms...

...happened at Easter in 2016. In the past 13 years we have seen 508 people baptized and countless others dedicate or recommit their lives to Christ.

960 Families Fed...

...through our Food Pantry. This amounts to over 3,300 people and more than 40,000 meals.

19,530 Pieces
of Clothing...

...given away through our Clothing Closet ministry this year.

240 People Served...

...this year through our 25-year partnership with the Interfaith Hospitality Network (IHN) homeless shelter in Springfield.

300+ Kids...

...participated in our EPIC VBS in July.

1,600+ People...

...of all ages participated in our 2016 Easter Egg Hunt event.

$7,000+ was raised... our 5th annual Yard Sale that went toward building our 6th home in Haiti.

60 Teens & Leaders...

...participated in Mission and Discipleship trips in 2016.

132,837 Breakfasts...

...have been served as of the end of 2016. We serve between 350 and 400 FREE breakfasts every single week.

2016 Finances

We are humbled at the generosity of God’s people at Medway and strive always to honor your faithful giving with integrity and trustworthiness.  Our God calls us to do no less than our best with his finances. 



Individuals and Families that contributed to
the mission and ministries of Medway Church


First-Time Givers in 2016


$ 634,062.06

Offerings for General Fund


Offerings for Building Fund


Grant from United Methodist Church

How Much Debt Do We Currently Owe?
Building Value | $3,000,000
Remaining Principle | $ 945,135



Morgage Principle Paid




Interest Paid




Ministry | Discipleship | Connection



Ministry | Discipleship | Connection Includes costs for outreach events, children and youth ministry, coffee and other edibles, paper goods, connectional funds given to the United Methodist Church, food pantry and clothes closet, etc.
Facilities Includes utilities, trash removal, lawn and building maintenance, insurance, etc.
Administration Includes copier supplies and maintenance, office expenses, postage, computer support, website expenses, banking and online giving costs
Personnel Salaries plus personnel costs, including FICA, Medicare, Continuing Education, etc.

Medway Church is audited annually by an external CPA
according to requirements and guidelines set forth
by the United Methodist Church.