Welcome to Medway Church—where Church isn’t boring. At Medway, we want to make sure that all who come feel welcome. We invite you to dress casually and enjoy true worship – Medway style!

Medway Church believes that the Bible clearly shows that the local Church is truly “The Hope Of The World.” We are committed to reaching the world for Jesus through building Disciples. Our mission is to…

  • SHARE the Good News of God’s Love with all people
  • BUILD radical followers of Jesus Christ and…
  • REACH the world for Christ

Medway is a great place to get connected to the mission of Jesus. Whether you’re new to the Bible and teachings of Jesus or a committed follower, Medway offers a variety of ways to participate including educational programs and outreach ministries. Seize the opportunity to
discover how much God loves you and how much God wants you to be part of His mission in reaching the world.

As a visitor, we value your feedback. Please let us know how we can help you take advantage of our exciting children’s activities and other opportunities. We look forward to watching you grow with us. More importantly, we look forward to watching you grow with Him!

Mike Berry
Senior Pastor


Which service should I attend?

Our Sunday morning services are identical to each other, so whichever is most convenient for you is the one you should attend.  Childcare and kids’ activities are available all service times. 

6th – 8th grade students currently meet at 10:15 am in the Student Center. Senior High at 11:30 am in the Student Center.  They are also encouraged to attend regular worship services.

What should I wear to Medway?

We truly have a come-as-you-are culture at Medway. On any given Sunday, you’ll see plenty of people wearing jeans, t-shirts and even shorts, while there are others who choose to dress in “business casual” attire.

What do I do once I get there?

Hopefully you’ll come early so you can enjoy our free breakfast (8 – 9:45 am) with your family before service begins. In the main lobby you’ll find our Guest Services Desk where you can ask questions orsomeone can show you where to drop off your kids for Sunday morning classes. There are also several coffee stations in the lobby where you can help yourself.

Will I be welcome even if I don’t believe the same things?

Absolutely. Most of our growth has come from families and individuals who never went to church before coming to Medway. Many came just knowing that they needed help dealing with everyday life. Our church is full of people battling addictions, dealing with abusive situations, struggling with debt….you name it.  Developing a relationship with God is a journey.  We don’t care where you are along that journey, but we do want to help you take the next step forward.