In the last 15 years, we have baptized 639 people, taken 48 mission trips, built 6 homes in Haiti, provided over 150,000 free breakfasts, served over 8,000 families through our Food Pantry and Clothing Closet, and so much more all in pursuit of our mission to SHARE God's love with all people, BUILD radical followers of Jesus, and REACH the world for Christ.  

Our weekend attendance is now averaging over 1,000 people across our four worship services, student ministries, and our KIDSWAY ministry. On Easter weekend we witnessed 2,000+ people come to Medway Church to celebrate the life-changing power of the gospel. Throughout our ministry areas and events one thing has become clear. God is showing us that he has more in store. 

As God continues to bless our church, we know we need to take some steps if we are going to continue to pursue our mission and reach the lost and hurting individuals and families in our community. With that as our focus, we are excited to announce the I'M IN Campaign. With the support and generosity of our church family, we will be expanding and updating several areas of our facility to better serve the individuals and families who come to Medway each and every week. We will be working in the following areas: KIDSWAY and Student Ministry classrooms and gathering spaces, our Worship Center and Lobby areas, and improving and expanding our parking capacity to relieve the current stress that comes with our busy weekend schedule.

In addition to these areas, God is also calling us as a church to reach out to people and families affected by addiction and share with them the love and hope that is found in Jesus. We are going to be taking the first steps in offering practical, hands-on ministries for men and women caught in addiction including recovery houses, counseling, support, and lifelong recovery plans.

Everything Medway Church has ever accomplished has been because of the dedication and support of the families and individuals that call Medway "home," and this next phase is no different. Are you in?


Why do a campaign?

We have seen God do the impossible at Medway Church and know that He is not done. He is calling us to continue to reach people with the hope and love of Jesus and for our church to expand its impact in our city.

In order for us to continue to grow and for our building to be a hub, we need to upgrade our facilities. We understand that it will cost some money, BUT we are not afraid of that. In fact, we are excited about this step because we have seen God work in His people when they are willing to step out and give!

So while we are doing this campaign to raise money, the bigger deal to us is we know that this campaign will grow us spiritually.

Is my contribution to the campaign the same as my weekly offering?

We believe and teach that God’s word calls us to tithe (giving our first 10% to the local church). This is our first step of obedience in the area of giving.
Campaign contributions should be separate, above and beyond your tithe. If you haven’t taken the step to tithing, the hope would be to work towards that first.

What is the campaign raising money for?

The money raised from this campaign will go toward onsite facilities:

  • MAJOR Parking Lot repair and improvement
  • Worship Center expansion
  • A full rework of and addition to our KIDSWAY space.
  • It will also include some Office Space to accommodate additional staff and a Christian counseling center.

How much money are we trying to raise?

Our project goal is 1.2 million dollars.

How do I give?

Our pledge weekend is June 10th and 11th. During the weekend services, we will have an opportunity to give both a one-time offering and/or turn in a Pledge Card.

Write a Check
To give specifically for the campaign you can write a check to Medway Church and add “I’m In” in the memo line.

Give Online
You can click the button at the top of this page or choose "Give Online" from our website menu to give simply and securely. When you give online you will be able to choose "Building Fund I’m In" in addition to "General Fund" for your regular giving.

How will I know the progress of the campaign?

Once you give to the campaign or submit your pledge card, you will receive a letter with information on the campaign and acknowledgement of your gift. We will regularly update you by mail, and we will have church-wide updates.

If I miss pledge Sunday, can I still give?

Yes! You can begin to contribute to the campaign at any point. You would just put your pledge card or check with “I’m in” in the memo into the offering bucket during the offering our set it up online through online options.


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Pray that God would work through us. It's been that way all along. It has always been God's grace poured out on people who are willing to serve that made Medway grow. We believe He will continue to bless us as long as we are faithful to Him. 


Make a financial commitment to the campaign. We teach that giving and growing in a lifestyle of generosity will expand your faith. The I'M IN Campaign offers everyone an intentional opportunity to do just that. When we give out of love for God and for what He has done in each of our lives, it will help us grow closer to Him and trust Him in all areas of our lives. 


Medway has grown leaps and bounds because people like you have invited others so that they could experience and know the love of God. With so many exciting things happening right now, there are plenty of reasons to invite your family members, friends, co-workers, and neighbors.