Wk 7 // JACKED // Armor of God

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  • If you were a soldier, what do you think your strengths in battle would be? Your weaknesses?

  • What makes someone a strong soldier spiritually?


To close his letter to the church at Ephesus, Paul addressed the need for preparation in spiritual warfare. Paul used battle imagery to describe the Christian life—a battle for which God Himself has provided the armor.

In this week’s message, Pastor Mike spoke about what it means to be strong in the Lord, and the importance of standing firm in our faith. Today we want to explore the full armor of God, and how we can use Paul’s reassurance of God’s power to encourage us in our own daily walk.


Spend a few minutes recapping this week's sermon together. Click here to view the sermon notes.

  • What was one takeaway from this week's sermon for you?

  • Were there any stories, ideas, or points that stuck out?

  • Was there anything that challenged you?


Have a volunteer read Ephesians 6:10-12.

  • Why is it so easy to underestimate our spiritual enemies? Why is that something we must never do?

  • How have you become more aware that our battle is not against flesh and blood? How should that awareness influence how and who we fight?

Scripture does not go into a lot of detail about the dynamics of spiritual warfare, but it clearly indicates that spiritual warfare is very real and that believers need to be ready to do battle with Satan and his demons on a daily basis. Satan considers the mind of the believer to be territory he can use and control, even though it belongs to God. Thus, the battle for the mind is never over in this life.

  • What must a believer do to be strengthened by the Lord?

  • How would you face each day differently if you recognized you were always under attack?

Victory in spiritual warfare demands strength that is greater than the enemy, meaning it must come from God, not ourselves. The specific reason given for needing such armor is so that we can stand against the tactics of our enemies. Paul called on believers to become stronger through the Lord’s strength.

  • Why is it a struggle to keep our spiritual armor on at all times?

  • How does knowing that the battle has already been won affect the way you fight?

Have another volunteer read Ephesians 6:13-17.

  • Why is each piece of God’s armor so valuable?

  • Identify practical ways we put on truth, righteousness, and peace. How do these keep us prepared to battle evil?

Paul likened the three pieces of equipment Roman soldiers put on at the beginning of a day to God-given character traits we are to build daily into our lives. Paul went on to speak about three more pieces of equipment. Understanding these pieces shows us actions we can take when we face spiritual battles.

  • Which of these three actions (active trust in God’s power; hope of future salvation; applying God’s Word to the situation) is the most challenging for you? Why?

  • What truths in God’s Word “hold you together” when the enemy attacks with lies?

  • What’s the difference between memorizing God’s Word and knowing how to use God’s Word as an offensive weapon when you are under attack?

In their culture, the Ephesians would have been familiar with armor, as the Roman guards were visible all over the empire. Paul used a familiar sight as an analogy for the Christian life and the battle we must all fight. When we accepted Christ, we joined an army of Christian soldiers. We can trust that we haven’t been sent into battle unprepared. God has given us everything we need, but we must choose to utilize the things He’s supplied to keep us safe.

Have a volunteer read Ephesians 6:18-20.

  • What role does prayer play in accessing the armor of God? How does prayer prepare us to resist the evil in this world?

Prayer is needed for appropriating and using all the armor of God. Each piece of armor must carefully be put on with prayer, drawing upon God’s power. This prayer is Spirit-energized, Spirit-enabled, and Spirit-directed. Praying in the Spirit is an admission of a believer’s ignorance and dependence on God.


  • How does being with God’s people in church or in small group encourage you? How does it prepare you to go back out and fight the battle?

  • What can you do to help others in the church be more prepared to go out and fight?

  • Which piece of armor do you need to focus on the most? How can you grow in that area this week?


Pray that God would open your eyes to the reality of the spiritual war taking place all around you. As a group, join together and hold each other accountable and support each other. We weren’t created to fight this battle alone, so get to know who is fighting with you.

Brian Otte