Wk 1 // Obey // Baptism



  • What are some of the major milestones that we celebrate in our lives?

  • Why is it important to celebrate or bring attention to various milestones in our lives?


People often celebrate or take time to recognize significant milestones in their lives. Often these observances are joyful occasions, such as the celebration of a birthday or several decades of marriage. For those who have placed their faith in Jesus, He has called us to signify that we are following Him with our whole lives by participating in the act of baptism.

In this week’s message, Pastor Mike talked about baptism as a sign of obedience to God. Spend some time as a group discussing your baptisms. Who was baptized as an infant? As an adult? Who has not been baptized? If they are interested, make sure they sign up for baptism this weekend.


Spend a few minutes recapping this week's sermon together. Click here to view the sermon notes.

  • What was one takeaway from this week's sermon for you?

  • Were there any stories, ideas, or points that stuck out?

  • Was there anything that challenged you?


Have a volunteer read Matthew 28:18-20.

  • What was significant about the timing when Jesus spoke these words to His followers?

  • Why do you think baptism was included in this call to go and spread the gospel around the world?

  • How does baptism signify that we have placed our faith in Jesus? How does participation in baptism show obedience to Jesus?

In Matthew 28, Jesus spoke to His disciples following His resurrection from the grave. Jesus proclaimed that all authority had been given to Him on heaven and earth. He displayed this authority in His resurrection from the dead. Now He was calling His followers to go and spread the news of the gospel. Included in this command to go was the instruction to baptize those who put their faith in Him. Those who placed their faith in Jesus were to submit to baptism to show that they identified with Jesus in His death and resurrection.

Have a volunteer read Acts 2:38-41.

  • How did Peter and the other disciples show obedience to Jesus’ command in this passage?

  • How would you describe the connection between faith in Jesus and obedience to Jesus?

  • How did those listening to Peter exhibit both faith in and obedience to Jesus?

  • Why is it significant that these events took place in public?

Peter and the disciples followed the command of Jesus by proclaiming the truth about Jesus and calling others to place their faith in Him and be baptized in obedience. As we see in the life of Peter, as well as those who came to believe in this passage, true faith in obedience is shown by living obediently before God. If we truly believe that Jesus is who He says, then we will do as He commands.

Have a volunteer read Romans 6:4.

  • How does the act of baptism give a picture of our identifying with Jesus in both His death and resurrection?

  • In baptism, what are we proclaiming is true about Jesus’ authority over our lives from that point forward?

  • How does walking in newness of life lead to continual faith and obedience before Jesus?

In the act of baptism, a person is lowered down into the water, immersed, and raised back out of the water. These actions picture the death and resurrection of Jesus and proclaim that the person being baptized is giving up their life committed to sin, their flesh, and the devil in order to walk in new life by the power of the Holy Spirit. This is an initial act to show faith and obedience, but the Christian life is to continually exhibit faith and obedience as believers increasingly submit every area of life under the authority of King Jesus.


  • If you have placed your faith in Jesus, have you been baptized? If not, what next steps do you need to take?

  • How can we use the action of baptism to share with others about the death and resurrection of Jesus?

  • Who is God calling you to go and share the good news of the gospel with, that they might respond in faith and obedience through the act of baptism?


Thank God for the ordinance of baptism as a means by which His followers can identify with Him in His death and resurrection. Pray for greater motivation to go and tell others the good news of the gospel, that they might be baptized and discipled as well.

Brian Otte