Wk 5 // My Family Is In A Phase // God in the Storm

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  • Share about a time you or your family faced a difficult trial or phase.

  • Are you more mindful of God in the midst of trials or during peaceful times?

  • What did you learn from that difficult phase? How are you different because of it?


We tend to view hard phases of our lives as inconvenient at best and evil at worst. According to the Bible, however, trials and phases are opportunities for spiritual growth because Jesus has designed these times to strengthen our faith and make us more like Him.

In this week’s message, Pastor Kevin reminded us that the phases of our lives are temporary but that each phase gives us an opportunity to learn and to grow. He shared a story from scripture where Jesus’ disciples find themselves in the midst of a difficult situation. By looking at their response we can better learn how to navigate difficult phases of our own lives.


Spend a few minutes recapping this week's sermon together. Click here to view the sermon notes.

  • What was one takeaway from this week's sermon for you?

  • Were there any stories, ideas, or points that stuck out?

  • Was there anything that challenged you?


Have a volunteer read Mark 4:35-41.

  • How should Jesus’ presence in the boat change the disciples’ attitude toward the storm? How might knowing that Jesus is with us in the midst of our difficulties strengthen us to face them?

  • Where was Jesus during the storm (v. 38)? What does that tell us about Him?

While the disciples were beginning to fear for their lives, Jesus was in the stern, asleep on a cushion. This doesn’t mean that Jesus doesn’t care about the fate of His disciples but rather that He was still in control. Jesus didn’t sleep because He didn’t care, He slept because He wasn’t stressed.

  • How did the disciples react to finding that Jesus was asleep in the midst of the storm?

  • Have you ever been tempted to think that God didn’t care about you in the midst of your suffering?

  • How might knowing that the storm didn’t worry Jesus give us strength and hope in the midst of trials?

Romans 5:8 says, “God demonstrates his own love for us in this: while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” The cross is final proof that God loves us. We don’t have to guess about whether or not He loves us. We don’t have to worry about whether or not we have done enough good things to deserve His love. We can know that God loves us because He did not spare His own Son, but gave Him up so that our sins could be forgiven and we could have a relationship with Him forever.

  • How did Jesus’ disciples respond to this miracle (v. 41)? Why do you think they responded that way?

  • How does Jesus make us able to approach God without fear?


  • What difficult situations and circumstances are you or your family currently facing? How might God be using that situation to strengthen your faith and deepen your relationship with Him?

  • How might studying God’s Word make you more prepared to face the storms of life?

  • Who do you know that needs to be reminded that God is in control? How might you encourage them to trust Christ in the midst of their difficulties this week?


Thank God for demonstrating His love so boldly and freely by giving up His Son on the cross for our sins. Pray that the Lord would help us to trust that He is constantly working for our spiritual good, even in the midst of trials and difficulties. Ask God to help us testify of His goodness and mercy as we face the storms of life.

Brian Otte