Session 4 // Life


"God's word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.”

We know that we are supposed to read the Bible as Christians. We live in a time and culture when we have complete access to the Word of God. Yet, most of the time, we don't use it. Today we want to talk about how to use it and why it is so important to our life with Jesus.



  • What is something that you know well?
    Why do you know it well?
  • What is the closest you have ever felt to God?
  • What is a struggle you are facing right now?



Session 4 // Life



Matthew 7:24-29

  • What are different ways we hear Jesus' word?
  • How important is putting Jesus' words into practice?
  • How do we do that?



James 1:22-25

  • Do you think that 'doing' helps us learn or remember God's Word better?
  • What does this look like for us?


EXERCISE // Learning To Study

Your group is going to practice studying the Bible together. Pick apart 2 Corinthians 2:14-3:18. You want to encourage discussion, there are no wrong answers.

  • Read once all together
    • What stands out?
    • What questions do you have?
    • Anything confusing?
  • Try to find answers (discuss, use a study bible, Google).
  • Split into twos or threes and read the passage again.
    • Are any words repeated?
    • Write them down.
    • Write down a theme for each paragraph.
    • Write down a personal challenge that your mini-group can take from the passage.
  • Share your findings together. And all together, find an action step. 
    i.e.. We should look like Jesus and smell like Jesus to people around us, Lets pray for one opportunity to intentionally be like Jesus to someone this week at work, family, grocery store and talk about our experience next week.


  • Take some time to share requests and how you are really doing.
  • Pray together for requests and for God to show up through your action step.



Read James 5:13-18

  • What does this say about prayer? 
  • Why do you think prayer is important?
  • Take some time and write down 10 things you are praying for regularly.
    If you do not have 10, then think about 10 things you feel you should pray for and write them down.
  • Pray for them specifically every day this week .