What is a Small Group?

We believe that real spiritual growth happens when we meet with other believers on a regular basis.   Small groups meet in homes during the week to develop relationships, learn more about God and His will for our lives. Even if you’ve never opened a Bible, it’s a great place to ask questions and find out what God says about everyday things.

Why Small Groups?

Jesus formed the original small group.  We call them the twelve disciples.  Joining a small group is an integral part of implementing our church’s Plan for Discipleship, and we believe it’s crucial to your personal growth.

What happens in Small Groups?

Each small group has a personality of its own since each person brings something special to the group.  Some groups do in-depth Bible studies while others discuss the weekly sermon and how to apply it in their lives.  Groups eat together, play together and serve together.  We don’t want you to miss it!