We’d love to partner with you as you begin to build a strong foundation for your lifetime of marriage. We aren’t about just doing weddings here—we’re about building into marriages. We believe that marriage is a sacred covenant established by God to teach two people to love each other with God’s kind of love, for better or worse, for a lifetime.   For that reason, anyone desiring to get married in our facility or by a Medway pastor will need to be a part of our wedding process and be regular attenders of Medway Church.

To begin the process, contact the church office by phone 937.849.1478 or email us,, and let us know when you are thinking about getting married.  Any couple wishing to use the church facility for their wedding ceremony must contact the church office no less than six months prior to their proposed date.  

Once you’ve contacted the office, you will be assigned a pastor to complete your required pre-marital counseling which generally involves 4 -6 sessions.  


Who can get married at Medway Church?

Wedding services are provided for those couples who are attending Medway Church regularly, consider Medway Church their church home, and complete the required pre-marital counseling.  Our greatest desire is for marriages to be centered around Christ and His love for a successful, life-long commitment.

Who does my pre-marital counseling?

Every couple must participate in pre-marital counseling with the pastor officiating their ceremony or other person approved by the pastor.   Counseling sessions generally take place 4 – 6 months prior to the wedding.  Regular worship attendance is also considered a part of the premarital counseling requirement.  Failure to complete the counseling and failure to attend worship regularly may result in refusal to perform the ceremony by Medway Church and its staff.

Does it cost to get married at Medway Church?

There are fees involved with ceremonies and will be discussed during pre-marital counseling.

Who can operate the media equipment?

Media Equipment will be operated by Medway Church approved personnel only.  This technician will also attend the rehearsal. 

What kind of music can I have?

Recorded music can be played by the Media Technician on existing equipment.  A complete playlist and CD should be provided to the church no less than two weeks in advance of the event. Music should be appropriate for a church setting and approved by the pastor.  Any live musicians must be procured by the wedding couple.  

What about decorating?

All decorations must be provided by the couple, approved by the church, and removed following the ceremony.  If the church has placed any type of seasonal decorations (i.e. Christmas trees), please be advised they will not be removed for the ceremony.  Removal or moving of any stage equipment must be arranged through Medway’s Worship Leader prior to rehearsal.   Please be advised that the drum set, floor monitors and keyboards will remain on the stage for your ceremony.

Medway Church does not employ a custodian.  As such, you will be required to remove all decorations and personal items before leaving the facility.  Any mess should be vacuumed by you or someone in your party prior to leaving the premises.  

Alcoholic Beverages

Due to the high number of persons in recovery in our congregation, no alcoholic beverages are permitted on the church premises.  This includes both the rehearsal and the wedding.  The use of alcohol at the Church will result in the immediate termination of your ceremony.