KidsWay is uniquely designed to create a safe, fun, and loving atmosphere where children can thrive while learning age-appropriate, relevant, bible-based truths.


We know from birth children are busy learning and growing. We have key leaders ready to engage and invest in your child. Leaders are there to celebrate the many milestones each child accomplishes in life, from walking and talking to school and sports. Leaders are equipped to teach kids about our amazing God at each stage of their life through stories, music, and games.


Upon arrival in KidsWay, each child will be given a name tag and each parent a serucity tag to use in picking-up your child(ren). Children can come back to class 10 minutes prior to the start of service. In the event we need to contact you during service, we will send you a text message instructing you to come to KidsWay. A staff member will direct you to your child. 


On your drive home, be sure to ask you child questions like "Did you have fun?" and "What did you learn today?"